We believe in the power of film and therefore want to keep the visual story-telling going beyond the Overalls & Aprons film. Film yourself or a group of people involved in any part of the food growing, packaging, distribution or purchasing process – from seed to plate and share it with us! These videos will be part of our Actionshop conversations and organized action groups.

Video sharing guidelines:

— Try to keep your video to less than three minutes – most people will click or look away if it is longer. Maybe you can do a few short videos rather than one longer one? But, it is your video. It is better to share something than not. No Academy Awards here…

— We will review all posted videos and let you know if we have opted not to post your video. All viewpoints are encouraged as long as they are communicated non-violently.

— Click on “SHARE A VIDEO” to submit your video!

— Watch your video be posted on the Overalls & Aprons home page website.

CONTACT US for more information on hosting a screening.