Overalls and Aprons – The Movie


  Length: 75mins

Is sustainable agriculture a viable profession for a farmer? Set in Charleston’s thriving food scene and culinary culture as America’s first cuisine, ten acclaimed passionate chefs visit their farm and fishery suppliers in search of quality ingredients in this documentary feature that explores how one community is struggling to tackle economic, environmental and health concerns by sustaining a localized food system.

Featured Charleston Chefs:
James Beard Chef Sean Brock – Husk & McCrady’s & Minero
James Beard Chef Mike Lata – FIG & The Ordinary
James Beard Chef Jason Stanhope – FIG
James Beard Chef Robert Stehling – Hominy Grill
Chef Frank Lee – SNOB & Mavrick Southern Kitchens
Chef Ricky Hacker – Evo Pizza & Bakery
Chef Nico Romo – Fish & Patricks Properties
Chef Kevin Johnson – The Grocery
Chef Jeremiah Bacon – The McIntosh & Oak Steakhouse
Chef Fred Neuville – Fat Hen
Chef Benjamin ‘BJ’ Dennis
Chef Craig Deihl – Cypress and Artisan Meat Share

Overalls and Aprons explores the sustainability of local farmers, livestock producers, and fisheries in the Lowcountry community of Charleston, SC. The story is told through the lens of 10 celebrated local chefs who are committed to restoring the cultural culinary landscape and identity of their regional foodways in support of the health and longevity of a true localized food system. The film observes the critical importance of why chefs seek out local ingredients and how their relationships with local producers inform each other’s professions. The chefs’ call to action for quality ingredients has created popular demand and reawakened the cravability and spirit of cultivating a local farm culture and culinary identity.

The rich agricultural history of the South plays a “main character” in the film. Visual portraits of the interaction of interlinked communities working in support of strengthening the sustainable local food infrastructure provide a transparency to the “movement” of seed to plate.

The film investigates the benefits as well as the constraints of communities investing in localized food systems. The film also delves into the issues of whether the geographical landscape, ecology, health, and socio-economic benefits outweigh the constraints for this type of food system to remain a viable option for all.

 Overalls & Aprons – Movie Trailer:


Featured Modern Heroes – Farmers:
Celeste Albers – Sea Island Dairy
Glenn Roberts – Anson Mills
Greg Johnsman – Geechie Boy Market and Mill
Pete Ambrose – Ambrose Farms
Sidi Limehouse – Rosebank Farms
Kenneth Melton – Lowland Farms
Jeff Allen – Rebellion Farms
Joseph Fields – Joseph Fields Farms
Annie Keegan – Keegan Filion Farms
Rita Bachmann – Rita’s Roots
Thomas Lagare – Lagare Farms
Dave Belanger – Clammer Dave
Tommy Edwards – Tommy Shrimp Pimp
Kimberly Carrol – Kimberly’s Crabs
Mark Marhefka – Abundant Seafood
Ben and Carol  – Millgrove farms
Brian Ward – Clemson University
Farmer Sam


Contributors to Overalls & Aprons – The Movie:

* Assistant Editor, Lucius Nelson

Lucius was born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina. He began studying fine art in early childhood and became an avid filmmaker as a teenager. While a senior at the College of Charleston, where he studied painting and film, Lucius was introduced to Thibaut. Enthralled by a chance to highlight the farming community of his hometown, Lucius jumped onboard to help Thibaut edit Overalls and Aprons.

Since production began, Lucius has grown tremendously as a filmmaker and an outdoorsman. His film work has been shown in New York, Philadelphia and Charleston. Inspired by the connection to nature he found in Overalls and Aprons, Lucius has devoted months to hiking the Appalachian Trail and volunteering on organic farms.

*Sound Engineer, Mitch Webb

*Music, Chandler Richards, Daniel Voss, Josh Hover