Director/Producer, email: Thibaut Fagonde
Creative Director, email: Jessica Boylston-Fagonde

Thibaut Fagonde Bio:

Filmmaker Thibaut Fagonde was born in the Midi­-Pyrenees of France and raised in the bustling cities of Montreal, Canada and Miami, Florida. As a young man, his formative years were spent nestled between the two diverse cultures of French and American. His French parents, his father, a chef saucier and avid photographer, influenced his culinary palate and instilled the esthetics of visual story­telling through the photographic lens. It was during this time his passion for all things food was cultivated. This love of food continued throughout his travels around the world. Thibaut developed a curiosity that inspired him to investigate the social dynamism surrounding food in thriving communities.

He felt filmmaking was the platform to achieve this result. Thibaut’s love of filmmaking began while documenting a celebrated pilgrimage called Santiago de Compostela where he and his wife, a South Carolina Native, walked 500 miles in 28 days from St. Jean-Pied­-de-­Port, France to Santiago, Spain.  Accomplishing this esteemed pilgrimage inspired Thibaut to complete his undergraduate studies at Columbia University with a degree in philosophy and visual arts.

While attending school he became fully immersed in the film and photography industry and co- shot a film recounting the installation process of the Nomadic Museum that housed the Ashes & Snow exhibit on Pier 54. This project shaped him to recognize the importance of creating films that showcase passion while developing themes that directly deal with call to action missions. It became his goal to tell stories that invite change for sustainable outcomes. Overalls & Aprons is Thibaut’s response to tackle a big burning question regarding the sustainability of our food production which has fallen victim to the polarization of quality vs quantity–and quality trailing far behind.  The film suggests a potential solution as to how we can remedy the integrity of our agricultural system via the strengthening of localized food agrosystems.

Contact email: Thibaut Fagonde

Jessica Boylston-Fagonde Bio:

Jessica is the executive producer of Overalls & Aprons, a call to action documentary inspiring local communities to support sustainability via food production, creation, and local farming.

Witnessing the decline in the farming and fishing profession has engaged Jessica to participate in educating communities about the importance and benefits of cultivating local farm to table movements. Overalls & Aprons is a powerful film that showcases this reality. As an international facilitator and speaker, Jessica’s mission is to help build resilient and thriving communities and organizations.

She received her BA with a focus in film studies from New School in New York City—and graduated from an advertising portfolio program at Miami Ad School.

Contact email: Jessica Boylston-Fagonde