Overalls & Aprons is a Film, a Movement and a Video Content site that celebrates food and art from seed to plate. Our mission is to visually represent America’s oldest profession–farming–and ultimately showcase the relationship between Farmers and Chefs. We show how that relationship shapes and informs each other’s profession in producing a quality food product. We embrace and highlight the creative process of growing, raising, harvesting, cooking and savoring fresh food. Food shows, and films are generating large audiences where people live vicariously through this visual medium of succulent and colorful entertainment. This process surges a craving and visceral experience of how food touches all of our senses. Ultimately our aim is to invite value back to food by showcasing transparency unto the guys and gals who are committed to restoring culinary landscapes and fostering resilient community around local food movements. We highlight folks who are passionate about crafting deliciousness and who feed us real ingredients. We believe the more we know who and how our food is produced, the more the sustainable ideas behind local food movements becoming empowering and successful. We don’t consider this to be elitist. We believe it promotes fair-trade values, and breeds value add emergent properties for communities. This movement can become equitable for everyone. It’s already happening across the country!

From time to time, we also instigate as to why communities should invest in local food agrosystems—do the exponential benefits outweigh the economic constraints?

We care for terroir and cultural identity of regional food-ways as well as its futurity. We’re grateful to every modern-day hero: farmer, fisher, artist and chef in every local community who help us reconnect to the richness of heirloom seed, vibrant soil and flavorful waters, and who invite us to re-experience the true craft of our natural rhythm.

We value what you do,

Thank you!

P.S. We encourage you to join The Movement and submit your video that showcases your skill, passion and talent. Let’s bring transparency to the beautiful art that highlights the craft of producing real food that values our economy, health, social justice and environment!