The reason for making this film is my love for delicious food made with real flavorful ingredients, and how genuine relationships are key to organize and create robust food communities.  As we’re witnessing America’s oldest profession–farming–slowly dying, my call to action involves two important and immediate vectors for change. First, to engage the next-generation of farmers to look at sustainable farming as a viable profession, but this will only be motivated by my second call to action, educating a demand for there to be a sizable and lucrative market for farmers and fishers. The demand needs to be robust in order to attract and start feeding a viable food supply chain. The more the community at large participates in the commitment of supporting our local purveyors, the more sustainable ideas behind local food movements will become empowering and successful. We need to understand why we should participate, so my film highlights, entertains and educates the benefits as buy-ins.

Overalls & Aprons acts as a visual tool kit on how local food movements are inspired, organized and supported to ultimately become sustainable, systemic and successful. I believe the more we know who, and how our food is produced, the more informed we are, the better choices we make in terms of our food purchasing power.